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Digital Resource Services

Documents and FAQs


White papers and policy documents to come.


I want to store material in the repository. Where do I start?
Start by contacting Peter Raftos or Scott Yeadon. They will discuss your needs with you and help you work out options. Collections can be more or less complex, and initial meetings help sort out how much work might be involved.
What's a Community?
A Community is an administrative group that DSpace uses to hold individual Collections.
What's a Collection?
A Collection is, as the name suggests, a related set of Items. The Items generally have a thematic unity: they might be related to a given topic (such as East Timor) or be the collected work of an individual. They are not necessarily the same kind of material: some Collections are purely images, while others contain many kinds of material.
Will you publish my journal/conference/whatever online?
The repository is intended as a safe storage area for scholarly digital materials produced by members or associates of the Australian National University (we interpret this fairly broadly). As such, the material is preferentially stored in file formats that, according to current best practice, are deemed to have the greatest survival likelihood. These are not necessarily the most convenient for online or print publishing.
However, we do have expertise in advanced online publishing techniques and are interested in exploring ways in which DSpace can be used as the "back end" for a scholarly journal, multimedia publication or something completely new that you've just thought of!