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Digital Resource Services
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Digital Resource Services



DSpace-in-a-Box provides an interactive script and all necessary software for the installation of the DSpace repository software (v1.4). The software has been tested under Linux RedHat 9.0, Fedora Core 3 and Core 4 and may work with other Linux distributions. Click here to download. Installation instructions can be found in the downloaded tar file.

DSpace Statistics

This preliminary version of a DSpace add-on provides a database-based solution to the recording of statistics in DSpace and some servlets for viewing reports based on these statistics. It also provides an additional feature for providing graphical based reports using Cocoon. Click here to download the package. Click here to get a preview of the installation process and some examples.

DSpace PDF Thumbnail Media Filter

A media filter to create JPEG thumbnails from PDF items. The download includes installation instructions. Note: requires ImageMagick

DSpace Experimental Software

Source code, examples and other material we've generated. These come with no guarantee!